We just released our first Indie Game Word River Run for Android.

Word River Run is an Action/Word mobile and PC game. In this Endless-runner style game the player is assigned a word and given a time. The player has to collect all the alphabets of the assigned word before their time runs out. All of this while avoiding all obstacles in the river.

Collecting a wrong alphabet costs the player 30 seconds of their existing time. Each correct alphabet adds 10 seconds.

Some Key Features of the game

* Many characters and water vehicles to choose from
* Improve your Spelling Skills
* Super-Fast Touch control
* Thousands of words (new ones keep getting added in each update)
* Get Higher Score with better water vehicles.
* Avoid obstacles and travel as far as you can without crashing
* Collect all the coins
* Collect all the alphabets before time runs out.

Highly addictive game that will entertain you for hours at a time.



Game Design & DevelopmentVinimay Kaul
3D Design & ModelingVinimay Kaul
AnimationsVinimay Kaul
Motion Capture AnimationsAdobe Mixamo
Associate ProducersSubhashani Dewada
Simon Lever
MusicYousef Mesheddi
Sound EffectsVinimay Kaul
Game Ui VectorsVecteezy
Vinimay Kaul
Special Thanks toAsha Kaul
Ipshita Kaul
Johanna Heidgen
Jessica Damronganurak
Nikhil Sagar
Kshitij Singh
Jeetul Bhansingh
Last modified: September 6, 2021