Hello and welcome to Arctropics Games. I’m excited to share with you some of the amazing features of the latest Godot 4 engine, which I recently downloaded and tested and in this post we will learn a little about Godot 4 Tilemaps and Lighting.

We’ll start with the basics of the new TileMap node, which allows us to easily design and edit our 2D levels.

Godot 4 also introduces a new 2D lighting system that can make your scenes look more realistic and dynamic. I’ll give you a brief overview of how to use it and how to transform your 2D scene :

from this

to this

This tutorial will be divided into 2 parts. Godot 4 TileMaps and Collisions, in which I will show how to setup your Tilemaps and also, how to add collisions to certain tiles

In the second part I will give a brief intro on 2D Lighting and show how you can have Lighting interact with your tiles.

Tutorial Part 1;

Continue to Tutorial Part 2

Last modified: June 5, 2023



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